Biometric Passport of Ukraine

The images on pages of the new passport document reflect centuries-long history of Ukraine and promote patriotism and love for our homeland.

The blank form of the passport of citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad with a contactless electronic chip is produced in the form of booklet of 83 x 125 mm. The passport blank form consists of a soft cover, fly-leaf, data page and 32 paper pages. The contactless medium that meets requirements of the standard ISO/IEC 14443A on data recording and reading as well as ICAO requirements is implanted into the right part of the cover. In the bottom part of the cover front side there is a special symbol which indicates that a contactless electronic medium is present.

The small State coat of arms of Ukraine is printed with dark blue ink using intaglio printing method on the flyleaf. The repetitive words “УКРАЇНА” and “UKRAINE” are printed with the invisible in daylight inks that become yellow and blue under UV-light. Under the text there is a styled image of the State Flag of Ukraine printed with dark blue ink using intaglio printing method, in which there is the small State Coat of Arms of Ukraine and the hidden image of words “УКРАЇНА” and “UKRAINE”.

The data page is produced of multi-layer polymer material (polycarbonate), where the data entering is made with laser engraving and laser perforation. For printing this passport data page the inks with own UV-fluorescence are used: yellow ink – yellow fluorescence, lavender ink – red fluorescence, blue ink – blue fluorescence.

Paper pages are printed on paper with the multi-tone watermark “Golden Gates” and the electrotype in the form of digits that correspond to the folio of the appropriate passport blank page number. The passport blank form design is reproduced with offset, screen and intaglio printing.


In the left upper part of the data page there is a special symbol printed with OVI which indicates that a contactless electronic medium is present.The special security gravure element with wavy lines and repetitive words “УКРАЇНА” and “UKRAINE” of changeable size are placed in the central part.

The guilloche image in the form of wavy lines is printed with the invisible in daylight inks with yellow and blue UV-fluorescence.

In the bottom part of 2nd -32nd pages there is a page number (folio) printed with lines of changeable thickness. In the area of folios there are stroke elements printed with grey ink that create letters “U” and “A” when partly opening the passport booklet.

Processes of sheet-selection, sewing, gluing and finishing of covers and final cutting of passport booklets are carried out on the line “Kugler-Womako GmbH” (Germany) that provides production of blank forms of machine-readable documents with a polycarbonate data page and electronic carriers in accordance with international standards of ICAO format: format - 125x88 mm, productivity - 20 000 booklets a day (booklet volume - 32 pages and with the polycarbonate data page and contactless electronic chip implanted in the cover). The line is equipped with the sewing sections with the interlock-stitch function, section of blank form control and backing, section of automatic capability control of finished documents with electronic chips, section for hot stamping of finishing foil.
The line Kugler manufactures passport booklets (from 4 to 36 pages) with the possibility of inserting polycarbonate pages and gluing inlays with chips in the cover.
KEIT equipment allows to perform numbering of passport booklets by laser perforation in various ways (in longitudinal direction of a blank form, in cross direction of a blank form, with different fonts and configurations of perforated holes).
To ensure packing of finished products the equipment for manufacturing corrugated board containers and the machine for packing products in vacuum containers are used.