State Enterprise "Polygraph Combine "Ukraina" for securities` production" congratulates everyone with coming New Year 2018 and Merry Christmas and reports the following.

In order to increase the production capacity of the State Center for personalization of documents, which is part of Polygraph Combine "Ukraina", as well as to secure the satisfaction of the population's needs for the production of a passport for a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, a contract has been concluded with IAI Industrial systems B.V. (the Netherlands) on delivery of BookMaster One system for personalization of passport booklets. At the moment, the equipment is in a complete setin the territory of Ukraine and undergoes a customs clearance procedure.

Production start-up of the system is scheduled for the first decade of January 2018. Thanks to the implemented events, within 70 days,Polygraph Combine "Ukraina" plans to eliminate the queue for the production of a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, which exists today.

At the same time we inform that Polygraph Combine "Ukraina" continues to work according to schedule 24/7 - that is the process of production of documents happens uninterruptedlyand all personalized documents will be delivered on the first working days of the new year.

We wish you all success in the New Year !!!